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Maybe you're selling your car and want to add some real value to it, or maybe you would love to spend hours cleaning and polishing your car but simply don't have the time. Whatever your needs, we can help. If you're a company that need professional and reliable valeting services for your pool cars, we can give you ongoing commercial contracts. Just get in touch for a quote.

Premium Valeting Services at Unbeatable Prices

"I have never seen a car so beautifully cleaned in all my life."


- Mr W. Cheltenham



• Small: £20


• Medium: £25


• Large: £30

Interior Valet- Takes approximately 1.5 -2.5 hours

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Exterior Valet- Takes approximately 30 minutes



Leather upholstery                       Cloth upholstery


   Small: £35                                    Small: £40


   Medium: £40                                Medium: £45


   Large: £50                                    Large: £55

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Value Valet- Takes approximately 60-90 minutes



Small: £40


• Medium: £50


• Large: £60

Full Valet- Takes approximately 1.5-3 hours



Leather upholstery                Cloth upholstery


   Small: £55                             Small: £60


   Medium: £65                         Medium: £70


   Large: £75                             Large: £85

The Showroom Valet



Small: £110


• Medium: £150


• Large: £190

if you have specific requirements, we are happy to find the right service/option for you

* For X-Large: vehicles or vans, please contact us for a quote

(Please note that prices on our website or given over the phone are estimates and are dependent on the condition of the vehicle)

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