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We provide mobile car valeting services and our vans are fully-equipped and 100% self-contained, which means that we can come to you wherever you are – no more queuing or dropping your car off and then having to go back to pick it up. The vans carry their own energy supply and water, so you don’t have to worry about trailing any wires through your house or reception area, or buckets of water slopping around. They also have full signage and we wear uniforms with our names on, so not only are we completely professional in our service but we look completely professional when working at your home or workplace.

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Mobile Valeting in Bristol

Whether you’re looking to tidy the car every now and again or clear out the kids’ mess or your pet’s hair, let 5 Star Valeting Solutions lend a helping hand offering mobile car valet services. Find out everything you need to know about us.

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Renowned throughout Cheltenham, Swindon, Bristol, Oxford, and the surrounding areas for offering professional mobile car valeting services at unbeatable prices. Check out what we can do for you today.

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As the leading valeting services based in Cheltenham, if you’re stuck at work, or busy with the children, we adapt our services to you. Our mobile service allows us to come to you. Car Detailing Service at your doorstep.

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5 Star Valeting Solutions provides a premier mobile valeting service as interior shampoo, exterior also cleaning, for cars and vans at home or at work across London, Oxfordshire, Reading, Cardiff Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Cheltenham and Bristol making sure that you can really make the most of your free time.
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Car Valeting, Car Detailing & Mobile Car Cleaning: Are They the Same?

Mobile car valeting is popular amongst British car enthusiasts. It is a reconditioning way for your car. It supposedly covers everything from car washing to waxing. Many use this term interchangeably with car detailing. Are both a form of automotive detailing? Or are they just regional terms? Also, what’s mobile car cleaning? Read on to know the difference between car valeting, car detailing & mobile car cleaning.

What Is Car Detailing?

Auto detailing does much more than a full-service car wash. Detailing your car involves deep cleaning and paint protection. The detailers will wash the car’s bodywork and its undercarriage. One shouldn’t miss out on engine cleaning and steam cleaning. The former removes all types of tar, grease, and grime.

The following are the auto detailing processes covered in brief:

Interior Detailing

Steam-cleaning is used to clean the interior from the dashboard to the door panels to every single crevice. The floor will be cleaned and the interior vacuumed. This should remove even the tiniest of pet hair. Interior detailing includes special leather cleaning techniques, so the upholstery will be spotless.

Having a clean headliner changes the feel of the car. This is a problem when you have a soft convertible top. But your detailer will restore it and make it look brand new.

Air Purification

The odor removal process shall get rid of even the meanest smells of vomit and old food droppings. After the air is purified, an air freshener is also used.

Scratch Removal and Headlight Restoration

A good detail package will include scratch removal as well. Polishing will remove all sorts of swirls, scratches, and water spots. A good buffing process can breathe new life into your car’s exterior. Additionally, the headlights and taillights will also be cleaned.

Paint Protection and Wheels

The detailing process is also optimal for paint restoration. After washing the exterior, the detailers try to remove every single contaminant. Detailing clay is used in unison with a special type of lube. The wax compound used is an eliminator of most scratches. The last step is the paint sealant to protect the paint.

Now, detailing only includes wheel repair to a certain point. Detailers will clean out the wheel wells using wheel cleaner. They’ll also remove any scratches or swirl marks. Tire dressing is an important aesthetic feature. Applying the formula will cause tire shine by restoring its color.

Tire shine along with squeaky clean rims gives a look like no other.

What Is Car Valeting?

Valeting is a term mostly used in Britain. It also includes many vehicle cleaning services. Some of the key features that you can find in a valet service are:

Power Rinse

This is perhaps the quickest service available in valeting. The owner brings in their car for a rinse by a high-pressure washer. The detailer uses soaps or detergents to remove the dirt. The car is then dried and the driver can be on their way. This type of wash can also be just for the exterior.

Removal Of Grease, Tar, Glue, and Tree Sap

Lots of people take their cars to the local detailing business to degrease them. The auto detailer will use a degreaser or a chemical solution to get rid of these residues. These cater to clear-coated components as well. Removing tree sap is more complicated and has more steps involved.

Windows and Glass Cleaning

Nothing beats clean windows that don’t have a stain in sight. However, properly cleaning interior windows, especially those with a window tint, requires cautiousness. In this case, using your regular glass cleaner might not cut it. Plus, valet service stations can also install protection for your windscreens.

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Leather seats give a great look and feel exceptionally plush. They’re also optimal for spillages. But they do wear out and get dirty over time. This is why cleaning them isn’t enough. You need to apply a leather conditioner as well.

Full Interior Vacuum and Polish

This is a service confined to the entire car interior. Think of it as a waterless car wash (usually) for the cabin. The trash, belongings, and floor mats are removed. All sorts of dirt, dust, and debris are vacuumed. Sometimes, soapy water is used to clean the floors.

The polisher uses a sanding motion to smooth out the interior trim. Following the polish, even the most plastic trim will give you a new car feel. Parts like door jambs and air vents are difficult to clean, but not for a good detail company.

Full-Service Wash and Wax

The basic valeting service is a carwash that is succeeded by waxing. This is a hand car wash that cleans the vehicle inside and out. Like the wash mentioned above, this is much more effective than a regular automatic car wash. While both use high-pressure washers, the hand-wash process is more intricate.

The car is dried using microfiber towels and compressed air where necessary. After the wash, the entire vehicle is waxed from the bumpers to the door panels inside. This is for that glossy effect. Car wax also comes with stain-removal properties. It fills in all the scratches, scrapes, and scuffs.

Is DIY Auto Detailing Better Than Visiting an Auto-Body Shop?

There are so many quality products for detailing available. One just has to put on a pair of mitts and get going. But the difference between you detailing your car and a professional auto detailing service is a lot. They are more experienced and can deep-clean your car in places you probably didn’t even know existed!

They have better tools and know-how to remove parts of your car to clean them. They will also reassemble them properly. Plus, there are countless electronic components in your car. If water gets into the wrong one, you’ll lose the money you saved by DIYing.

Detailing your car significantly keeps its resale value in check. A good detailing job with a protectant will last about a year. This is why you only have to pay once annually for a meticulous detailing package. If you’re not keen on visiting a detailer, there’s a better alternative. Read on to find out.

Where Does Mobile Car Cleaning Come into Play?

Today, you don’t even need to visit an auto detailing service. This is the age of mobile detailing services. A simple call to a mobile car valeting service can turn your dirty car into a shiny new one. Many mobile auto detailing services come with their own setup.

This includes everything from hoses and water to energy and car care products. We will provide all the services and will leave your car spotless.