Car Machine Polish

Vehicle Paintwork restoration and mopping

Car Machine Polish

Have you just had a Full valeting on your vehicle, but you can still see some marks, paint blemish, naughty scratches or imperfections on your vehicle?
Here is Basic Car Machine polish which you can add after your cleaning, so these can get deleted.

Car Machine Polish

- What's included?

  • Single-stage Cutting Compound buffing
  • Light Scratches removal
  • Fading paint fixing

Helps with

  • Exhausted paintwork
  • Sun fading
  • Light scratches all around
  • Adding extra shine


Takes from 2 up to 4 hours
Depending on vehicle size and condition

That’s not enough? No problem! Check our Advanced Machine Polish Package

Basic Machine Polish at Your Doorstep

The cost for different car sizes

What are the benefits from Basic Machine Polish?

This package is not as big as paint correction, but if you are after just a simple car buffing, that will be the one.
Here we will use compound cutting, which is taking a thin layer of your old lacquer and get the coating back to its fresh days.
Machine Polish is suitable for any vehicles that have light scratches, sun fading, blemish or scuff marks. So if you are looking at your vehicle after its been washed and you are feeling not as exited as you when first met it, that might be your solution, getting all of those imperfections sort it and bring in it back to shine will be accomplished with that service.

Why Do You Even Need Car Machine Polish?

• Scratch removal
Scratches on a car lower its resale value. Your car’s paint will last longer and look better with regular machine polishing since the buffering action allows scratch removal. To restore deeper scuffs, you may need to use other methods such as machine polishing.
If you’re looking for a scratch removal service, get in touch with 5 Star Valeting Solutions. We will leave your car sparkling clean!
• Retouching of paint
Think about machine polishing if you detect paint imperfections on your vehicle. Your luxury car’s exterior may be looking a little drab due to numerous paint scrapes. Unfortunately, new cars often have uneven paint jobs, necessitating polishing compounds. Even the most expensive cars are not exempt from this problem, and even a brand new car’s paint will have hundreds of dents. This can be remedied by simply retouching the paint. Using car machine polish, you can remove all paint flaws and scratches with great care and efficiency.

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Our Basic Machine Polish

Then you better of check our Paint correction package.

No. But you can always upgrade to our Advanced Machine Polishing

You can pay by card or cash after completion.

Our vans are fully-equipped and 100% self-contained, which means we have power and water on board, so we only need enough room to park next to your vehicle.

Just check our next packages - Advanced Machine Polish, Paint Corrections

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