Advanced Machine Polish

Top-level deep paintwork restoration

Why is Advanced Machine Polish so important?
Advanced Machine Polish is a process, during which your vehicle’s paintwork is being rejuvenated and restored. It must be performed only by professionals, due to the specifics of the process itself. During the Advanced Machine Polish, imperfections such as swirl marks, light scratches, buffer trails, road grime, tree sap, bird droppings, fly squash, water spots, etc. are being removed, not just temporarily covered


Good if you

  • Just Bought a car
  • Want to sell your car
  • Have a supercar or retro car
  • Love your car

Helps with

  • Remove Light Scratches from paintwork
  • Add extra shine
  • You need a deep polish

Advanced Machine Polish

- What's included?

  • Exterior washed with snow foam
  • Tar removal
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Clay Bar the whole vehicle
  • Drying with a non-scratch microfiber system
  • 1 Stage Machine Polish – Minimizing light scratches, swirls
  • Full hand wax


Takes from 3 up to 7 hours
Depending on vehicle size and condition

What is the process of Advanced Machine Polish?

Stages of the Advanced Machine Polish Process:
The first and one of the most important steps in the Advanced machine polish process is a thorough wash and decontamination of the vehicle. This step ensures that your vehicle’s outward surfaces are entirely free of any stubborn contaminants, dirt, dust, etc. The reason why the washing process is so important is because if these contaminants are not removed properly, they could become dislodged in the pad of the polishing machine, which would cause inflict damage onto the surface. It makes sure that all surfaces are clean and smooth for the following procedures.

Once the vehicle is snow foamed and cleaned, it’s time to pay attention to the door shuts, using a wash mitt and shampoo solution, by applying the two bucket system. In case of any stubborn dirt, a de-greasing solution and soft bristle brush are being used. Once the shuts are cleaned and rinsed, we’ll close them and do a final rinse to the entire paintwork. When this step is complete, we’ll re-open the door shuts and use a micro fiber towel. car valet London

After the vehicle is being properly washed, it’s time to remove some stubborn surface contaminant, such as tree sap, tar, etc. For this purpose, a clay bar is required. The main goal here is to get rid of any gritty, rough contaminants, so that they won’t ground into the paint during the following steps.

During the polishing process are used different grades of polish that range from heave cutting compounds, to finer product. The heavier cutting compounds help in removing surface materials, while the finer products refine the final look. The polishing process is performed to remove light swirling and fix any abrasions from the compounding stage.

As you can see, the benefits of Advanced Machine Polish are a lot, and you will definitely love the final look of your vehicle. If you want to see your vehicle fully rejuvenated and restored, feel free to ask for this service today!

Advanced Machine Polish at Your Doorstep

The cost for different car sizes

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Our Advanced Machine Polish

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