Boat and Yacht Cleaning / Marine Vessel Valeting

Keeping your boat or yacht clean is not just crucial for the overall cleanliness and appearance of the vessel, but it also helps increase its longevity. With the help of professional cleaning, you will find that your boat or yacht has an increased lifespan because all the debris that was lodged onto the boat when you had taken it outside will be removed entirely. The debris tends to damage the materials with which the yachts are made by causing chemical reactions and increasing wear and tear. But if you opt for a thorough boat and yacht cleaning, our personnel will remove all the debris, and the materials will last longer. Some of the other reasons why you should opt for marine valeting are as follows:

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Boat Surface Cleaning and Polishing.

When you opt for our Boat and Yacht Cleaning / Marine Valeting services, the first thing you can be assured of is that your entire boat will be buffed and cleaned. The yacht will receive a thorough cleaning from above the waterline. You can also choose to get the cockpit cleaned to ensure the complete removal of debris from the boat’s surface. In addition, when you choose our regular wash downs you can be assured of the following services and benefits:

  • The deep cleaning will remove any stains or scuff marks the boat might have sustained during its journey. In addition, with the Boat and Yacht Cleaning / Marine Valeting service, you can be assured that the boat’s exterior is gleaming and polished.
  • When you take the boat out to the water, it is not just the part below the waterline that sustains damage from being in contact with water. You will find limescale marks, scratches, and boot line stains on the hull. These need to be cleaned thoroughly so that no debris is left on your boat.
Yacht Valeting
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Our personnel will remove all debris from the hull and boat’s surface. This is necessary to reduce the yacht’s wear and tear and increase the vessel’s overall longevity. The saline water and the limescale can cause severe damage to your boat. Thus, thoroughly cleaning and polishing will make your boat look good as new and increase its lifespan.

Antifouling the hull of your boat

When you take your boat out in the water, you cannot prevent the growth of barnacles or weeds on your hull. But you must remove these regularly to ensure the hull is not damaged. Moreover, you need to apply a coat of antifouling agents like cuprous oxide or biocides to reduce the growth of barnacles and weeds. Without proper antifouling, the hull of your boat can be severely damaged. But with the help of our experts, you can be assured that you will get the best antifouling services. When you hire, our experts will first check the condition of your boat and prepare the hull before the antifouling process is started. Our experts will ensure the hull is completely clean before applying the antifouling agent.

Cleaning the interior of your  boat

Our interior yacht valeting services

Our company’s most essential service is cleaning your yacht’s interior. This is inclusive of several cleaning services, and some of these are as follows:

  • When your boat is docked in the marina, our cleaning crew will give a thorough cleaning of the interior of your boat. Our personnel will clean the cabins, the deck, and the cockpit
  • Your yacht’s bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom will be cleaned thoroughly by our cleaning staff. This is necessary because cabins can become quite dirty after a trip, especially if you do not have a crew to clean the cabins regularly. You should also ensure that the carpets are shampooed and cleaned as these have a tendency to get dirty more than the other sections of the cabins.
  • When opting to clean the yacht’s interior, you should also disinfect the interiors to ensure that there are no germs or pathogens inside the boat.

As we use branded cleaning products that are the best in the industry, you can be assured that the result will also be perfect. Our carpet cleaning is usually charged extra and not included in the regular interior cleaning of yachts. But if you opt for it, you will find your yacht’s interior looks brand new. With thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning, the interior of your boat is free of germs or pathogens.

More Detailing Services

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Renovation and Boat Paint Protection

If you want your boat to last longer, you must opt for teak renovation. The decks of boats are usually made of teak wood that needs to be repaired and renovated from time to time. With our Boat Cleaning and Valeting Services teak renovation services, you can be assured that the longevity of the deck of your boat will be increased remarkably. Teak cleaning and refurbishing can help bring the deck of your boat back to an older appearance. Our experts will remove the scuff marks, stains, and other marks on the wooden surface. This is necessary before the treatment or dressing is done to the teak surface to restore it to its former glory. Teak renovation is done in two steps. First, the surface is prepared, and then the treatment is applied to ensure that the teak looks as good as new.

Expenses involved for Boat and Yacht Cleaning / Marine Valeting

If you want your boat or yacht to be as good as new, you need to hire our Boat and Yacht Cleaning / Marine Valeting services. The cost will depend on the particular service that you require. For example, the canopy or sail cleaning price differs from the teak renovation. However, it is always best to opt for a complete valeting service to ensure that your boat is in good condition. So, get in touch with our experts to know your boat’s service and the expense you will incur. It is also the best way to learn how you can increase the longevity of your boat.

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