Car Flooding and Water Damage Repair / Car Cleaning After Water Damage

Spring and monsoon rains are bliss for plants, flowers, grass, crops, and your mood. However, one category of items that do not count rain as a blessing is electronics. An automobile is perhaps the most vulnerable electronic to rain damage.
Especially in the current period of climate change, many parts of the world are facing floods. Of all the damages done by the recent rains, the damage done to an automobile is the most concerning as they are a valuable asset. If your car has also undergone this seemingly inevitable damage, then the good news is that you can get it repaired. No matter what damage a flood has done to your car, you can tackle it. Before taking your car to a professional service provider, here is what you should do beforehand to prevent the damage from becoming irreversible.

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Get the Water Out of Your Vehicle:

If your car is standing in flood water, you have to put all your means into getting it out from that submerged state as quickly as possible. Here, time is the key factor. Then take out all the standing water from the interior of your car.

At this point, your strategy will depend on the assumption about the areas of the car that water has penetrated. Depending on that, you might need to remove the carpet, seats, and console. etc.

Dry the Car

Next, you must let the carpet and all the other removed components dry out. Moving on to the car interior, you can dry it using multiple fans. It seems impossible, and that’s where car cleaning service providers come into action.

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All prices depend on the size and the condition of the flooded vehicle. Please contact us for more information and cost estimates.

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Why do you Need a Professional Car Cleaning Service?

Once a professional cleaner gets his hands on your car sitting in flood water for some days, his action plan will be entirely different. These providers employ steam cleaning techniques most of the time.

In this technique, all the surfaces dry immediately, especially the fabric of the seats. Not only is the fabric dried, but also deep cleaned all the entrapped dirt. Moreover, a professional cleaning targets wheels, windows, vinyl top surfaces, etc.

As a result, your car will get rid of all the toxic residues on it using OZONE Sanitation. In other words, a professional cleaning will help you get rid of years of dirt, toxins, and build-up and not only the flood water.

Last but not least, what greatly differentiates professional cleaning from self-cleaning in water damage repair is the removal of the odor. No matter how excellently you clean your car after submerging in flood water, there is no practical solution to eliminate the damp odor. Damp and humid conditions may lead to mold growth if not handled properly during the first cleaning session.

So, leaving it to a professional cleaner like 5 Star Valeting Solutions would be the safest bet. We are based in Swindon, England, and provide various car cleaning services. Whether your car has been in flood or smells bad, we have a solution to every problem regarding automobile cleaning. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now for professional services.

Hey! Book Now Mobile Cleaning Service

Book now and we can come to you and clean your car if it has flood or water damage.

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