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2-8 Hours Depending on vehicle size and condition

Tinted windows provide several visual and functional benefits, including improving the appearance of your car while also keeping you, your passengers, and your vehicle safe. Tinted windows not only provide you a sense of privacy, but they also protect you and the inside of your car from sun damage while keeping the vehicle at a lower temperature.

With all of the benefits outlined above, it should be a no-brainer to install tinted windows. If you’re looking for car window tinting in Worcester, 5 Star Valeting Solution is committed to providing the greatest quality professional Car Window Tinting Service at the most competitive car tinting costs.

More info about Window Tinting

It is the application of a clear coating of window film/window tint to the inside of a vehicle’s windows. The process has become so common that, depending on the vehicle’s side windows, some manufacturers now offer versions with tinted windows. The thickness and materials used to manufacture window tinting vary. Furthermore, the blackness of commercial window tinting is governed by specific state window tint standards or limitations.

Shades and their Varieties
The amount of light that passes through the window determines the tint’s color. These percentages vary from 5% to 20%, 35% to 50%, and 70% to 70%.

The greater the proportion, the more light is let through the windows.

The legislation in the United Kingdom enables you to have any grade of tint on your vehicle’s rear windows and a maximum tint of 70% on the front windows.

The Best Option for Car Window Tinting in Worcester
We are committed to providing you with the best Professional Car Window Tinting Service at the most affordable pricing.

Our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee policy and industry-leading, film-branded Car Tinting Warranty protect your installation.


Auto Windows Tinting Prices


  • Hatchback 3 doors – £110
  • Hatchback 3 doors – £120
  • Saloon 3 doors – £120
  • Saloon 5 doors – £130
  • Estate – £140
  • SUV – £150



  • Front Side Windows – £70
  • Single side window – £45
  • Rear Screen Saloon – £80
  • Rear Screen hatchback – £70
  • Taillights Tint – £70


Auto Windows Tint in Worcester

We provide lifetime guarantee for every window tint.

The price depends on the car. Calling or applying for a free quote is the easiest approach to acquire a free estimate.

Vehicles differ from one another. Installation takes roughly an hour on average. Some aspects that may influence the time required include the kind of vehicle; the number of installers working on the car; any unanticipated eventualities, such as the necessity to remove a rear decklid; and the removal of the previous tint.

All tinting is applied to the interior of the vehicle's windows.

Yes, since all of the films are put on the inside of the windows, washing (or raining on) the exterior of the vehicle will not cause any issues. Just make sure the interior isn't cleaned for at least a week.

Always wait approximately a week after installing film before cleaning the windows. Moisture on the exterior edges of the newly placed film might be sucked beneath the film and cause bubbles. Never use an abrasive cleaning cloth or pad.

Due to the metallic character of the high-quality film, only a few automobiles on the market today will have interference. We are aware of these cars and provide non-metallic solutions in these situations.

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