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5 Star Valeting is the number one trusted company based in UK specialising in commercial dealership car valeting and vehicle preparation management.

Our goal is to help the delaerships with a hustle free service of vehicle preparation, associated value added services and managed labour. Flexible workforce and long term cost effective solution, consistently delivered 24hrs a day 365 days per year.

Our future is on customer detention, achieved by meeting and exceeding agreed service levels, through an in-depth understanding of our client's requirements, gained from trading and supported by an experienced energetic management team.

We will continually investing in new technologies, training and products, ensuring we are not just servicing, but actually statisfying our clients.

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You definitely won’t want the dirty vehicles of your company to spoil its good name. There’s no reason to allow dirt, dust, debris and other contaminants to accumulate in the interior and exterior of your vehicles. Spotless, clean, and well-maintained vehicles convey a positive message to both existing and potential customers.

And it’s not only about keeping the vehicles clean. If they’re well-polished, they’ll gather even more attention. Many businesses out there rely on their vehicles. Don’t you want to reinforce a positive perception every time you make a delivery, or arrive at an appointment? We offer valeting services for different types of commercial vehicles, such as minibusses, lorries, large industrial vehicles, vans, caravans, etc. And we use only high quality products and modern equipment to provide efficient valeting services.

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    Question and Answers

    First of all, it is very possible that your vehicle’s paintwork is affected by dust, dirt, and debris from the road. Maybe some swirl marks, scratches, etc. Of course, depending on how frequently they are used, the distances they have to cover, etc. But they probably travel a lot and have to go through many dirt roads, tough paths, and many other challenges. Professional valeters will thoroughly clean your vehicles, and then apply a generous coat of wax to your vehicle’s paint. Wax will restore the condition of the paintwork and also protect from the appearance of future damages.

    Your employees are probably very important to you. And you would want them to feel comfortable in the place where they spend most of their time, while at work. Our professional valeters will make the interior of your commercial vehicles completely clean and fresh. They will cover every single area of the vehicle; there won’t be a surface they’ll miss. Any embedded pet hair, cola spills, water stains, and other dirty areas will be cleaned. They’ll also take care of the windows, mats, dashboard, seatbelts, etc.

    Another important factor is that commercial valeting makes your vehicles safer. This is very important if you care about your employee’s safety. If they’re traveling long distances, this really matters. If you’re wondering how valeting can affect the safety of your vehicles, it’s very simple. If the windows are perfectly clean, this will definitely enhance the driver’s vision. And if the tires are maintained, this will improve the road holding. Another plus on the performance of your vehicles is the headlight restoration, which improves the intensity of the lights.

    If you use the services of commercial valeters company regularly, this will even save you money in the long run. While the lifespan increases, the chances of repairing the vehicles from time to time are being minimized. Moreover, the engine is also part of the cleaning process. Professional valeters, like 5 Star Valeting Solutions, take care of it too. By doing so, you will have to spend less money on gas, because it will run efficiently and smoothly.

    As you can see, commercial valeting is not just a caprice, it is actually really important for the overall image of your company. It all matters. You will see that when your vehicles are in perfect condition, your employees will also work more efficiently. The benefits of commercial valeting are not one, or two. If you need more information or any specific details, feel free to contact us. Make your appointment today!

    One of our top quality services is commercial vehicle valeting for any car Dealerships and the motor trade. The image of your business is very important. Depending on whether your vehicles are clean or not, they can paint the image of your company. It does make a difference if they’re dirty and unpolished or clean and presentable. The roads are full of commercial vehicles. And potential customer’s first impression will probably come from one of your company’s vehicles. Businesses put a lot of effort in marketing, branding, presentation, etc. But sometimes, the most obvious things, such as your company’s vehicles, are just as important. Here’s when you need to hire professional commercial valeting services. We, at 5 Star Valeting Solutions, ensure that the first impression a customer gets of your service or brand is of a well-kept, clean, and well-presented vehicle.

    5 Star Valeting takes the Health & Safety of its work and that of its clients very seriously and responsibly. Our Health & Safety Manager is there to ensure that we not only have met the standards required by law but that we exceed these standards.

    The H&S Manager has the National Examination Board Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) and is a Technician Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Tech IOSH), holds the NESBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Management certificate and is also a qualified manual handling and fire safety trainer.

    Our Health & Safety Technician who carry out repair work on all 5starvaleting’s electrical equipment and are qualified Portable Appliance Testers (PAT).

    5starvaleting has an extensive policy for H&S and the fully trained operator carries out regular on-site audits. These audits are made up to standards for all of our customers and their sites.

    All operators are provided with PPE workwear.

    All of our chemicals and products are environmentally and eco-friendly. We do have all necessary COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations) datasheets.


    The company was associated in 2013 with the understanding that we can give you a consistent quality of service, easily delivered and fairly priced.

    With consistency and reliability of service, 5starvaleting has an extensive client portfolio which includes Vehicle Manufacturers, Car dealer specialists, Rental Companies, Dealerships, Car Garages

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    More about Our Commercial Valeting Services

    If you want your car to look spotlessly clean on the inside and outside, then you need a detailed car wash. It goes way beyond a regular wash. It doesn’t involve using an automated system, like a normal car wash. When it comes to valeting, the cleaning process is managed by experienced car valeting specialists, which hand wash every part of your vehicle, depending on the type of valeting you’ve chosen.

    If you wish to preserve your company’s vehicle showroom look, commercial valeting is what you need. It is not just about cleaning your vehicle. Actually, it is something way different. Commercial car valeting for Car Dealerships involves rigorous cleaning and reimbursement of the interior and exterior of your vehicles. Professionals, such as 5 Star Valeting Solutions, execute an in-depth step-by-step procedure, in order to make your precious vehicles looking like brand new.

    A perfectly cleaned commercial vehicle tells a lot about your company. The same goes to a dirty, shabby vehicle, it also tells a lot, not good things, though. So, which one do you want to be? The one people admire to, or the one people laugh at? If you want potential customers to see you as a professional company with high standards, then you need to take care of that image. It will be hard to make people believe that you’re a responsible company owner if your employees are driving dirty vehicles.

    There is another important thing you should consider. The more regularly you take your commercial vehicles for a valet, the “healthier” they will be. Factors, such as bad weather conditions, the place where you store them, the covered distance, and how frequently you use them, can have an adverse impact on your company’s vehicles. Regular valeting will ensure that they are in their best possible condition, ready for driving, selling, advertising, delivering, or whatever else you need.

    Professional commercial valeters use special materials, products, techniques, etc., in order to remove all damages to the paint, every single stain, residues, such as acid rain and environmental fallout, tree saps, brake dust, bird droppings, bug residue, salt, rail dust, water spots, and others.

    When it comes to the interior, the experts deal with all kinds of dirt, such as grease stains, dust, spilled chips, cola stains, wine, salt stains, pet hair, etc. Even if none of these refers to your company vehicle’s interior, using the wrong chemical cleaner on the wrong surfaces can also cause severe damage. But the experts have the needed experience, products, and techniques to clean up everything, without damaging your vehicles.

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    We want to provide the most efficient and quality car valeting services to help your business grow.

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