Convertible Roof Car Clean and Soft Top Cleaning

Get your covertible car ready for the summer and protect It for the winter.

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Soft/Convertible top car treatment

Soft top cars are made to be stylish, but is this the case after the winter period?

It is spring-summer time again, convertible car owners are ready to celebrate, it is their proud car’s season to shine.
Ouch! There are few letdowns on the actual fabric – Mould, Stains, Bird drops, Tree sap, Wear and Tear from the wet seasons are all about to ruin it all. No worries, here at 5starvaleting solutions we are ready to help with our 3 stages of Soft top cleaning and protection.
We do use a slightly different method than the rest of the car detailers, where they just clean, we have individual cleaning products and methods and use our Williams Ceramic Fabric Protector individually to make sure after cleaning you are not let in the same scenario. Have you been in a car wash, asking to just wash and rinse, left with a worse convertible top? We know that is not the right method to do it, so therefore we guarantee we wouldn’t be leaving you with dirty fabric and more wear and tear from the washing machines.

The Process is taking between an hour up to 4 hours, depending on vehicle condition.

* We suggest waterproofing your car’s soft top, because the cleaning agents remove any previous applied or original protection.

Starting with deep cleaning of the fabric, getting out all of the dirt, mould, burd muck, etc. Then applying mould bacteria killers, from preventing the mould from growing back again. The renovation process is then applied, leaving time for fabrics to dry. Then the car is ready to be protected, it’s a 2 stage process, once that is all done, all you need is sunglasses on and ready to shine this summer.

  • We do not just shampoo and rinse
  • Our valeters are well trained in soft top restoration, so you don’t need to worry of extra jet wash wear and tear
  • We do apply for fabric protection with a year warranty
  • We do preparation and masking if needed
  • Using Williams Racing products

Convertible Soft Top Cleaning Process

  1. Rinse with pure water
  2. Apply cleaning product
  3. Brush it off
  4. Wet Vac
  5. Repeat until clean
  6. Dry with Wet Vacum
  7. Apply Soft Top Waterproof protection

Convertible Top Cleaning

Convertible Roof Car Clean and Soft Top Maintenance Cleaning

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Convertible Roof Car Clean and Soft Top Maintenance Cleaning
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Convertible Roof Car Clean and Soft Top Maintenance Cleaning
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We offer mobile Convertible Roof Car Clean and Soft Top Maintenance Wash Cleaning and protection for your vehicle at your doorstep.

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