Full Car Disassembling and Cleaning

Ultra Deep interior Car Cleaning - Remove Seats and Carpets out of the car

Car Dismantle Cleaning - Full Car Disassembling Valeting

Helps with

  • Remove Odours Permanently
  • Want Ultra Deep Cleaning
  • Your Vehicle was Flooded
  • Complete Mould Treatment

So basically our Interior valeting packages are more than enough in most of cases, but there are some exceptions.
Where we are a growing company, trying to get the best solutions for our customers, we found out, that the normal mobile interior valets in some cases are just not enough.
The reason for that is your interior doesn’t just contain what we see (plastics, carpets, carbons, and all visible staff), there is a lot going on under it.
So any time a smell stays longer on your interior, there is a chance to get through “behind the scene”, if there is a spelled liquid getting through the materials and going deep under carpets, for example.
So with our experience, we have decided there is only one way to challenge the 100% satisfaction interior package and therefore we made the Vehicle Disassembling package.

Full Vehicle Disassembling - Clean under the carpets

- What's included?

  • Remove all seats from the car
  • Remove all carpets off the car
  • Clean the chassis under the carpets
  • Remove any fluids on the chassis
  • Clean under carpet insulation 
  • Completely dry all fabrics and insulation 
  • Steam clean all interior
  • Shampoo seats and carpets
  • Steam clean seats
  • Clean and dress all dash and air vents
  • Clean and dress door panels and trims
  • Air Bomb
  • Wash of door and boot shuts
  • Vacuum all interior and boot
  • OZONE vehicle sanitation
  • Shampoo, wet-vac, brush mats
  • Wet vacuum upholstery and carpets


Our Vehicle Disassembling package is a stationary service only, so we will need to collect your vehicle, and depending on the job, we might need to keep it for between 1 day and 2 weeks.

What are the Benefits of a Car Detailing Service?

Restores the interior’s comfort and Preserves the paint condition

So the disassembling is where we take off all of the carpets, central console, seats, and any compartments that are needed, so we can go through deep cleaning.
We are cleaning and disinfecting the bare metal of your chassis, then shampooing all of your carpets outside the vehicle, all of your seats are now taken care of from every single angle. The most important one is the sound insulation foam, which is situated under your carpet. That is where all of the Odors, Bacterias, Unpleased liquids, Cigarette smoke, Fluid damage and etc. has been stuck.
So Imagine you are buying a second-hand car and there is the unpleasant smell of cigarettes and pets. We come to you and clean only the visible parts. The smell and odors are coming back after a week and that is because that vehicle has been smoked for years, that pet has been there more times than you have been, so we can’t just clean plastics, seats, and carpets, and expect all to be done.
Ordering The Disassembling Package then it might be necessary because we need to get all rest of the fabrics which are hidden behind, all of the plastics which a situated deeper in the vehicle and etc.
Car Disassembling the package will also give you the benefits of the Interior Detailing Package, where you will get fabric and leather protection applied after is all cleaned. And yes you do need that, because why we had done all of the jobs if we don’t want to protect it and avoid it in the future?

Prices start from £350, depending on the vehicle size and condition

That’s too expensive? No problem! Check our Full Car Valet Package from £75

frequently asked questions

Our Car Car Dismantle Cleaning

This package covers all vehicle conditions.

This package does include the cleaning of everything in the interior of your vehicle.

Yes, We will take off all parts that need cleaning.

You can pay by card or cash after completion.

In this package we need to collect your vehicle as it can take from 1 day up to 2 weeks, depending on size and condition.

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