Engine Bay Steam Cleaning

Why do I need to have my engine bay steam cleaned?

There are 3 main reasons:

  • Just to look cool – If you are a car enthusiast and you love your vehicle, you may want it to look brand new under the bonnet. If you are going to the Car Show and want it to look spectacular.
  • Oil Leak – If you have issues with your engine and your mechanic suggests that the engine needs to be steam cleaned in order to diagnose the problem. We have you covered. We provide a mobile engine bay steam cleaning service. In some cases, steam is not the best option, as it may damage the electronics, so we also provide different methods of engine cleaning.
  • Selling your car – If you are about to sell your car, you can be sure that the potential buyer will check the engine bay compartment, so we can make it look presentable for you.
Engine Bay Steam Clean

What’s the engine steam cleaning process?

  • 1 – Spray all visible components with a special engine cleaner.
  • 2 – Clean the whole area.
  • 3 – Dry and suck all water/moisture out
  • 4 – Dress all plastics
Engine Bay Steam Clean
Please note that we provide a mobile service engine bay cleaning, so we are not able to clean underneath the engine. We will open the bonnet and will clean everything that we are able to reach and see from the top.
All services include Cleaning, Drying and Dressing.

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Is My Engine Suitable For Cleaning?

Most of the diesel engines have no issues being cleaned and dressed, but anyway if you are not sure in your one, please advise us before the cleaning.
Any broken parts scratched wires, or any issues that might do any damage on your engine, have to be either isolated or pointed out to our valet.
Petrol engines are a bit more gentle with water, so therefore, please advise if you do not want us to go ahead with your engine cleaning.

Hybrid or Full Electric engine bays ARE NOT RECOMMENDED to be cleaned!

Engine Bay Compartment Steam Cleaning

Keeping your vehicle clean is important. But most people think that the exterior and the interior of the vehicle are the only places that matter. Yes, the outward appearance of your vehicle is important, but cleaning under the hood is just as important. Maintaining your car’s engine properly has some very serious benefits. Engine bay steam cleaning is a service that you cannot find everywhere. It is performed only by professional car valeters. We, at 5 Star Valeting Solutions offer this very important service and we’ll explain why keeping your engine clean is so crucial.

Drivers tend to ignore the engine compartment but this is a big mistake. If you’ve just purchased a brand new vehicle, you know how a clean engine looks. All surfaces can be touched without getting your hands covered in oil, dirt and grease. But let’s be honest, in reality, it doesn’t stay like this for long. Things tend to get nasty under the hood. Neglecting the engine compartment may lead to some serious problems, which would cost you a lot of money. You’re allowing all kinds of grit and grime to accumulate over the years. You might skip cleaning the engine compartment because you don’t know how to do it, or because you’re afraid that you could damage something. That’s why; you need to use professional services for this very important area of your vehicle. A clean engine does offer some benefits, here’s some.

Identify Potential Engine Problems

Leaks can cause many issues to your car’s engine. When cleaning the engine, it’s easier to discover where oil or grease is coming from. It’s harder to spot leaky valve-cover gasket, when the motor is covered in dust, dirt and grease. But when your engine is being steam cleaned, such problems will become easier to discover, and you’ll know if your vehicle is in need of leak repair. This would definitely cost you less money than replacing an entire motor, right? Steam cleaning your engine is not something you should put off for later.

Cleaning Reduce Engine Fires

Engine fires could be a seriously scary experience for any driver. Yes, it is not very common problem but the risk gets bigger if the vehicle’s motor is dirty. If you are not willing to take that risk, we recommend steam cleaning the engine. During the process, contaminants that could be ignited by the engine’s extreme operating temperatures will be removed. Steam cleaning the engine prevents the buildup of combustible materials, which may occasionally cause engine fires.

Increase Your Engine’s Lifespan

If you get your engine steam cleaned regularly, this will prevent it from rusting. An average vehicle engine is capable of reaching hundreds of thousands of kilometers before its life comes to an end. Among the oils changes and the attention you pay to those flashing car warning lights, steam cleaning your engine has a great contribution in increasing the engine’s lifespan. Keeping your vehicle’s engine clean is going to prevent a reduction in performance and extend the motor’s overall lifespan. A maintained, free from dust, dirt, grease, rust, and debris engine will not only ensure a longer life but also a better performance. Your car will be more robust in its operation. It will have a fancier, showroom look.

Clean Engine – Better Appearance

Steam cleaning improves the appearance of your engine. Along with the better safety, enhanced performance increased lifespan, and earlier detection of problems, the engine also has to look the part. A maintained and clean engine speaks a lot about you, as an individual. It screams: “Hey, look, this car is in tip-top condition and I take good care of it”. This is very important, especially if you’re trying to sell your vehicle. A pristine-looking engine says a lot about you, as an owner. Potential buyers will know that this car was loved and maintained regularly. You will definitely make a better deal out of your vehicle than you expected.

Protect the Environment

Steam cleaning your vehicle’s engine has numerous benefits for the environment. Steam cleaning uses less than half the amount of water used by other cleaning methods. There won’t be any toxic wastewater left, due to the lack of harmful chemicals involved in the process. It kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria without using any toxic materials and harmful chemicals. Steam cleaning should be performed only by professional valeters, because if you decide to do it on your own, on the driveway, the oil and gunk can contaminate the waterways and drains.

What does the engine steam cleaning process include?

  • 1 – Spray all visible components with a special engine cleaner.
  • 2 – Clean the whole area.
  • 3 – Dry and suck all water/moisture out
  • 4 – Dress all plastics

If you want top-quality results for your engine, then you definitely should consider steam cleaning. Extend its life and reduce the possibility of engine fires by booking your appointment today. It is powerful enough to remove crud that is deeply seated in between small nooks and crannies. It won’t damage the sensitive engine components, such as electrical wirings and sensors. And don’t forget that by steam cleaning the engine, you’re also protecting the environment. Should we mention again that you are also saving money from some expensive motor replacements? Be sure to find professional steam cleaning valeters for this job. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Engine Bay Cleaningn is INCLUDED FOR FREE with our FULL VALETING PACKAGE

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