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We can restore your headlights to improve look and visability

Head Light restoration

How do you know if you need headlight restoration?

Those are 4 of the main signs that tell you that you need this service:

  • Cloudy/Dull Appearance – If your headlights are cloudy even after a wash, then this definitely is one of the first signs that you need to take action.
  • Bad/poor visibility – If it’s hard for you to see well at night or in weather conditions, such as rain, snow, fog, etc., that’s another important sign.
  • Yellow color – If you notice a yellowish tint or other noticeable discoloration to the headlights.
  • Scratches/cracks – If there are any scratches or cracks that affect the headlight’s performance.

Overall benefits:

  • Remove scratches
  • Maintain performance and functionality
  • Increase visibility
  • Restore cloudy, dull lenses
  • Increase safety
  • Save you money from buying new headlights and paying for their installation
  • Enhances the outward appearance of your car
  • Increases the overall value of your car


Headlight restoration
Headlight restoration on Mercedes

What are the benefits of headlight restoration?

It will improve their appearance

During the process of headlight restoration, the outer appearance of the vehicle is being enhanced. Compared to buying new lenses, this service is much cheaper, and it can contribute to the somehow “new” look of the exterior of your vehicle. This is very important if you’re about to sell your car. If you want to bring back the “life” in your vehicle, headlight restoration is a great way of doing so.



It will improve driver’s safety

Head Light restorationHaving safe headlights is crucial if you’re a responsible driver. Weather conditions, such as snow, rain, fog, sleet, etc., can appear without a warning, and in a case, your headlights are not in good condition, could be very dangerous. Safe headlights protect you, your family, and other passengers. Driving with hazy and cloudy headlights at night will make it very hard to determine if they are even turned on. Headlight restoration is a long-lasting, inexpensive service that can help you see the road better, and avoid dangerous situations. We can bring back their original clarity. Improving the visibility and the projection of the light correctly will provide security for everyone in the vehicle.

Headlight Restoration can save you money

Replacing your headlights can be a very expensive option. And you definitely won’t want that, especially if you’re about to sell your vehicle. A much cheaper option is headlights restoration. Replacing the headlights is not the only thing you’ll have to pay for. You’ll also have to pay for the labor costs for the mechanics. If you want to save yourself a great deal of time and money, consider looking for a professional restoration service around you. You will not only end up with great looking headlights, but you’ll also improve the outward appearance of your vehicle, and improve your safety, all at the same time.

We restore car headlights
restoration process

Why do you need headlights restoration?

When it comes to driving in the night, or bad weather conditions, headlights are the most important part of your car. Do you even remember the last time you took a look at your vehicle’s headlights? It was probably when you had to replace them. Sadly, drivers tend to ignore this crucial part their vehicles. Replacing lenses is much more expensive than a professional headlight restoration. It has many benefits that we’ll explain later. Over time, certain factors, such as the sun’s harmful UV rays, road debris, dirt, halogen bulb heating, and weather, can damage the functioning of the lenses of your headlights. All these factors can make your headlights look unattractive, and make them lose their capability to illuminate. We, at 5 Star Valeting Solutions, can restore your headlight’s original condition, which will not only make them brand new but even save you money from replacing them.

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Headlight Restoration

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What is the process of headlight restoration?

Headlight restoration is not a difficult process, but if you want to achieve high-quality results, and not further damage them, you should use the services of professionals. Our multi-stage process focuses on deeper discoloration and scratches. It will restore the lens to brand new condition and add a protective layer, in order to ensure the longevity of the restored area. We’ll tape around the headlight lens to protect your car during the process. After that, we’ll chemically clean it. Then follows a wet sanding process, which is usually in several steps. This step removes the cloudy, hazy, dull, oxidized surface of the headlight lens. After that, we use a polishing system that re-surfaces the headlight lens like brand new. This step prepares the lens for the UV Clear Coat Sealant. The clear coat gives them a nice look and provides long-lasting results.

So, after all you’ve read, you must have understood how important is to check and take care of your headlights regularly. The benefits of the headlight restoration process are not one, or two. If you care about your vehicle, your safety, and your budget, you should book an appointment today. If any of the mentioned above signs ring a bell to you, there’s no time to delay this very important maintenance of your vehicle. If you need more information, feel free to contact us. Headlight restoration should be considered by every responsible driver out there.

Headlight restoration
restoration process

Why is headlight restoration necessary?

Unfortunately, certain factors like road debris, sun, and bad weather conditions, can cause the plastic assemblies to slowly become yellowed or foggy, which makes the headlights appear hazy and cloudy. In order to delay this process, a UV clear coat is being put on the plastic headlight assemblies by the automobile manufacturers. Sadly, this solution is not long-lasting. This clear coat wears off over time. The damaged outer layer of the plastic has to be resurfaced, followed by applying a new UV clear coat. This will protect the restored headlights in the long run.

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