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    Mobile Vehicle Cleaning in Chippenham

    he feeling of driving a brand new vehicle is indescribable. You can feel the smooth, clean interior, the shiny, sparkly exterior, the roaring brand new engine. There is no such feeling, right? But let’s be realistic. You can’t afford buying yourself a new vehicle too often. Maybe your vehicle isn’t as bad as it looks. It just needs proper care, maintenance and support by professional car valeters. We, at mobile car valeting Chippenham, can restore the initial sparkle of your beloved vehicle. You will get the chance to feel how comfortable it actually was when you bought it in the first place. We can restore the outward appearance of your vehicle, bring back its shiny new look. Trust us, there’s a reason you need to choose mobile valeting services, and we’ll explain how important this is.

    Sometimes, people tend to neglect their vehicles. This isn’t a good idea if you’re using it every day. It serves you well, that’s why you should pay the attention it deserves more often. Just like any other precious possessing of yours, your car requires certain maintenance, care, and proper cleaning. Taking it one-twice in a month at your local car wash isn’t enough, and you have probably already noticed it. It’s clean for a day and then … boom, like it was never cleaned. Mobile car valeting Chippenham offers to its customers various valeting services. You get to choose from Basic, Mini, and Full valeting services. The package you choose depends mostly on how big your vehicle is, and of course, how dirty it is.


    Our Auto Cleaning Benefits

    We provide mobile car valeting services and our vans are fully-equipped and 100% self-contained, which means that we can come to you wherever you are – no more queuing or dropping your car off and then having to go back to pick it up.

    No, we are proffessional mobile car valeting and detailing company that covers Chippenham.

    You can pay by card or cash after completion.

    Our vans are fully-equipped and 100% self-contained, which means we have power and water on board, so we only need enough room to park next to your vehicle.

    Stardart times: Basic valet - 30 min, Full Valet 2-3 hours.
    It all depends on the valeting package you’ve selected and also from your vehicle condition. It starts from 1h to 7h for full detailing and commercial vehicles.

    Sure, no problem. Just provide us with the full address and we'll come to you.

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    Car Detailing Services in Chippenham

    What’s the difference between the 3 valeting packages?

    Basic valeting – If you only want to refresh your vehicle’s look and there isn’t that much of a dirt to be removed, you need a basic valet. It isn’t very expensive and the procedure doesn’t require much time. The basic valeting package includes: full pre-pressure washing of the exterior; Autoglym wash hand washing; drying with microfiber cloths; removing dust from crevices and vents; vacuuming mats and carpeting; cleaning wheel and dress; cleaning all interior trim; cleaning and polishing dashboard; deodorization of the vehicle. The package also includes polishing exterior windows. All this takes about 30 minutes to finish.

    Mini Valeting – We advise our customers to use this valeting package every week, if needed, even more often. It takes less than 1 hour and the prices are reasonable. The final look of your vehicle will be astonishing, though. The package includes: high-pressure detailed washing of arches, wheels, lower half and front, door shuts; cleanse and dry pre-body, using microfiber cloths; bodywork wash using lambs wools mitt; for adding more protection and shine, we spray wax; removing dust from crevices and vents; detailed vacuuming of mats and carpets; cleaning interior trim; cleaning and polishing dashboard; dressing tires; cleaning windows; acid cleaning wheels; hand car polishing; air freshening.

    Full Valeting – This package is for very dirty vehicles. Maybe your vehicle was locked for too long in the garage while you were on a vacation, or you were driving through dirty roads. No matter what the reason is, the final result is that your vehicle is a complete mess and it desperately needs car valeting. The process takes around 3 hours but the final look of your vehicle will be worth the waiting. The full valeting package includes: high-quality pressure washing arches, wheels, lower half and front, door shuts; removing mold and car ceiling washing; washing of bodywork using lamb wool mitt; pre-body cleansing and drying using microfiber cloths; for adding more protection and shine we spray wax; removing dust from crevices and vents; detailed vacuuming of carpet, including pet hair removal; washing mats with quality pressure wash; if needed, shampooing seats, carpets, and headlining; cleaning interior trim; detailed polishing and cleaning dashboard; dressing tires; polishing windows; acid clean wheels; dressing all outside plastics and mudguard; detailed hand car polishing; painting the mats and carpets in black; cleaning windows; boot and spare tire space cleaning; removing tar and glue; waxing, using Autoglym HD wax or Autoglym gloss protection; acid clean wheels; cleaning engine bay if required; air freshening.

    Why choosing a mobile car valeting Chippenham?

    The benefits of mobile car valeting are many. Probably the biggest one is that you don’t need to go anywhere, we can come to you. That’s right! All you need to do is make an appointment, arrange the place and hour, and we’ll be there. Your office, your house, your neighbor, it’s up to you. We’ll do the dirty work while you’re relaxing, watching TV, or taking care of other important things of yours. Time is a precious thing and in the days we live, there’s no need to waste it, having to drive your vehicle to the car valeting station. Time is money and for busy working people, it is hardly possible to find the right time to take their vehicles for valeting. That’s why you put it off, and off until the situation gets out of control. That’s why, for your convenience, we can come to you. You don’t have to stay unless you want to, while we’re valeting your vehicle. This gives you the flexibility to deal with other important things.

    Also, if you want to receive high-quality services, you know that you need to hire professional valeters. Your car is a big investment of yours, and giving it to the wrong people for this responsible job, may cost you money for the damages they can cause to it. If you’re a responsible car owner, you know that only skilled valeters have to do the job. Our professional valeting services in Chippenham have the needed skills, knowledge, experience, equipment, and products, to make your beloved vehicle look as brand new again.

    Hiring mobile valeting services can even save you money. How? Well, the fact that you don’t have to drive your vehicle to the car wash station saves you money from gas. And you won’t have to buy superior quality detergents because we already have everything needed to clean the vehicle.

    As you can see now, hiring mobile valeting services in Chippenham has many benefits. And if you love your vehicle, and want to see it shining bright once again, book an appointment today. With our experienced car valeters, we’ll clean your vehicle to perfection. There’s no reason to wait more. Call us, or write us today. We’d love to restore your car’s original appearance.

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