FULL VALET - Deep Interior and Exterior Clean

Sutable for

  • Selling your car
  • Just Bought a car
  • End of Lease
  • Remove Stains from the Upholstery
  • Just need a Deep Clean
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Remove a bad smell
Full valet

End of the car lease? Want to sell your car quicker and more valuable? Or just bought it and it looks not well maintained with all of the smells, stains, exhausted exterior, and deeply stuck dirt all over the exterior and interior? This is the best package for you, including deep, detailed, and high-level exterior and interior wash. Deeply shampooed all of the seats, carpets, and mats are included plus Engine bay Cleaning dashboard, central console detailed and rest of the plastic trim steam cleaned and dressed to a high level.


- What's included?

  • Shampoo all seats and carpets
  • Leather treatment and conditioning (if any)
  • Traffic film remover applied
  • High-Quality Pressure wash of exterior
  • Pressure wash wheel arches
  • Engine Bay deep clean
  • Wash and scrub tires and wheel trims
  • Wash of door and boot shuts
  • Hand shampoo whole exterior with wash and wax combination
  • Alloys/wheels trim dressed
  • Tires dressed
  • Wet WAX Application
  • External windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Detailed Vacuum all interior and boot
  • Scrub mats
  • Vacuum upholstery and carpets
  • Clean and dress all dash and air vents
  • Clean and dress door panels and trims
  • Fuel cap clean
  • Spray air freshener
  • Steam Cleaning (OPTIONAL EXTRA)


Takes from 1.5 up to 5 hours
Depending on vehicle size and condition

That’s not enough? No problem! Check our next valet package.

Full Valet Prices at Your Doorstep

The cost for different car sizes

frequently asked questions

Our Full Valet Package

If your vehicle requie more work than ussual - we will let you know before we start work for any additional charges.
We will start work only if you agree. Don't worry you won't have any unexpected charges.

In most cases we will shampoo the seats only once and they will be dry 2-3 hours after completion. If the upholstery is in bad condition we need to shampoo it more than 2 times - in this case it may take longer.

You can pay by card or cash after completion.

Our vans are fully-equipped and 100% self-contained, which means we have power and water on board, so we only need enough room to park next to your vehicle.

Small Cars - about 1.5+ hour
Medium Cars - about 2+ hours
Large Vehicles- 3+ hours
Extra Large Vehicles - 4+ hours

We suggest to use this package once every 6 months and maintain your car clean with our Basic or Mini Valet package.

If your vehicle has a light colour interior it's harder for us to get it looking brand new again. Please note that some stains can permanently damage the colors and fabrics of your car. Extra charge may apply.

It is NOT included in the this package, but you can add it for an extra cost.

Most of the diesel engines have no issues to be cleaned and dressed, but anyway if you are not sure in your one, please advise us before the cleaning.
Any broken parts, scratched wires or any issues that might do any damage on your engine, have to be either isolated or pointed out to our valeter.
Petrol engines are a bit more gentle with water, so therefore, please advise if you do not want us to go ahead with your engine cleaning.
Hybrid or Full Electric engine bays ARE NOT RECOMMENDED to be cleaned !

More questions? Visit our  Questions and Answers Page

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