Car Paint Correction and Vehicle Detailing in Birmingham

For many reasons, people choose the services of a paint correction and car detailing companies. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just bought a brand new vehicle, or you’re driving your old one. The benefits of these services are important in both cases. If you really care about your vehicle, and you want to be in a showroom condition, then keep reading.


Car Paint Correction is a process, during which your car is being fully restored and rejuvenated. You won’t recognize your car’s outward appearance at the end. The results speak for themselves. If your car’s paint looks hazed, dull, filled with light surface scratches or swirl marks, oxidized, then it

 definitely needs a paint correction.



If you want high-quality results, then you need to choose a reputable and experienced paint corrector. You need to be very careful in your choice. The paint correction process should be performed only by professional car detailers. If you trust your vehicle to an inexperienced person, you risk damaging it even more. The paint correction process can take from 6 hours to more than 20 hours, depending on the severity of the damages.


Here are some of the main paint correction benefits: water spot removal, leveled paint, etching removal, reduced spiderwebbing, added color depth, reduced paint orange peel, and improved clarity.



The steps performed during paint correction are mainly these:


  • Inspection of the damages: Here, the detailer inspects every part of the vehicle’s surface. He checks the paint condition and discusses the desired outcome with the owner.
  • A thorough wash and dry: This step is crucial in paint correction. Here, the vehicle is being thoroughly washed and dried.
  • Clay barring: After the vehicle is being properly washed, it’s time to remove some stubborn surface contaminants. This is achieved using a clay bar. The idea here is to get rid of any gritty, rough contaminants so that they won’t ground into the paint during the following steps.
  • Wet sanding: This step isn’t necessary. Most of the vehicles don’t need it. It is performed on specific areas if there are some heavy imperfections. Such imperfections could be: orange peel paint, heavy scratches, or spots that require paint leveling.
  • Compounding: In this step, the amount of clear coat left on the paint and the depth of severity of the imperfections will be taken into account to determine if compounding is needed. It’s a gentler version of wet sanding.
  • Polishing: The polishing process is used to remove light swirling and fix any abrasions from the compounding stage. Polishing brings out the shine and sparkle of your vehicle’s paint.
  • Sealant: The paint correction process finishes with this step. It protects the vehicle from the emergence of further imperfections and damages.


As you can see, the benefits of paint correction are not one or two. It is a tough process that needs to be performed only by professional paint correctors. Your vehicle’s outward appearance will be fully restored and rejuvenated.


Car detailing is another important service your vehicle desperately needs, even if you don’t realize it yet. It involves a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of both the interior and exterior of your car. It’s another step-by-step process, after which you’ll be able to see your vehicle’s initial beauty once again. Car detailing doesn’t just make your car look good. It protects it, increases its lifespan, and reduces the chance of different aesthetic and practical issues.



The process of car detailing usually includes: leather treatment, interior and trunk vacuuming, tire dressing, floor carper and mat shampoo, exterior polish and wax protection, custom wheel cleaning, seat and upholstery shampoo, fabric protection, engine cleaning, headlight restoration, glass treatment, etc.


Car detailing will not only protect your vehicle, it will protect your financial investment too. After a professional car detail, the amount of money you spend on repairing damages is highly reduced. You also get better fuel economy. As we mentioned, during the car detailing process, the engine of your vehicle is also being taken care of. A clean vehicle offers less wind resistance, which results in less power required for operation.



Believe it or not, you can get these services in the comforts of your home. 5 Star Valeting Services Birmingham offers mobile car detailing and paint correction services. This means that you get to choose the most convenient time and place for you. Isn’t that a huge benefit?


As you can see now, the importance of these services is big. And now that you know that you can even get them in the comforts of your home, there is no reason to put it off. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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