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If you love your car as much as you love your home, then you would want it to be looking good, clean, and maintained. As every other precious possessing of yours, it also requires a little work from time to time. Using the services of your local car wash isn’t enough, though. You have probably already noticed that your car doesn’t stay clean for long, after a regular wash. If you miss your vehicle’s initial shine and mirror like look, then you should consider using the services of a paint corrector and car detailer.

Depending on the condition of your vehicle and the place you live, your vehicle needs car detailing and paint correcting at least two-three times a year. If you aren’t sure what these terms means, we’ll explain. All the light scratches, bird dropping etchings, scuffs, wash induced swirls, hard water spots, etc., can be removed via paint correction. If you decide to use the services of 5 Star Valeting Solutions, those imperfections and defects will be removed, not just covered.

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Paint Correction Bristol

Paint correction Bristol is the process of rejuvenating and restoring the paintwork of a vehicle. You don’t need to book an appointment for a full vehicle re-paint, you just need paint correction. This process is performed only by experienced paint correctors, because it requires special products, techniques, and machines. At the end of the process, your car will be back to its factory condition. Did you know that a huge majority of paint defects come from improper washing? Sadly, many car owners have no idea what damages can be caused to the vehicle by washing it the wrong way.

Many people think that dark colored vehicles are harder for maintaining. Actually, the reality is this – the marring and scratches are more visible on dark colored vehicles. That’s why many people believe that it’s harder to take care of a dark car. But with proper washing techniques, and a nice polishing, all of these imperfections could be removed. Depending on the type of paint, and the severity of the damages in the paint, the polishing process is performed in a few stages.

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Paint correction Bristol is more of personal preference, but before the polishing process begins, a thorough decontamination of the vehicle should be performed. This step ensures that the vehicle’s paintwork is perfectly cleaned and washed, and any dust, dirt, and other kinds of debris had been eliminated. After washing, the vehicle is being clayed, using a special automotive clay bar, which makes sure that the car is free of any industrial fallouts, and tar spots.

The polishing process is performed only by professional paint correctors, because it requires special machine polishers and a variety of different products for polishing. During the process, all surface scratches and defects will be removed from the car’s paintwork. At the end, when viewed in direct sunlight, the car’s surface will show only real reflections, without any blemishes, scratches, and swirl marks.

Car Detailing Bristol

Now, let’s talk about car detailing in Bristol. While paint correction brings the factory shiny look of your vehicle’s paintwork, car detailing makes sure that both the exterior and interior of your vehicle, are perfectly clean. This process also has the power to bring back the initial showroom condition of your car. Not only your car will be clean, but it will be safer to drive, and it can even improve its resale value. If you are thinking about selling your car, you definitely should consider car detailing.

You may be wondering about the difference between a regular car wash and a car detailing Bristol. Honestly, some soap, water, window cleaner, wax, how much more different could it be? Professional car detailers use special materials, products, techniques, etc., in order to remove all damages to the paint, every single stain, residue, such as acid rain and environmental fallout, tree saps, brake dust, bird droppings, bug residue, salt, rail dust, water spots, and others.It is a process, performed only by professional car detailers, because it requires special materials, Ceramic Coating Application, products, techniques, and many other things your local car wash doesn’t possess.

When it comes to the interior, professional car detailers Bristol deal with all kinds of dirt, such as grease stains, dust, spilled chips, cola stains, salt stains, pet’s hair, etc. Even if none of these refers to your vehicle’s interior, using the wrong chemical cleaner on the wrong surfaces can also cause severe damages. But the experts have the needed experience, products, and techniques to clean up everything, without damaging your car.

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Paint correction and Detailing Swindon is exactly what you hear, correcting your vehicle’s body paint. The paint correction process requires special machines and polishing agents in order to remove the build up dirt, dust, and other contaminants on your car’s surface.

There are many benefits for you and your vehicle if you use the services of a car Detailing Bristol. It’s more of an investment that will add years to the useful life of the paint finish, the interior’s look, and your safety. During the car detailing process, the tires, headlights, and engine have also been taken care of. Cleaning the tires from dirt, rocks, etc., reduces the risk of them cracking or breaking down. You will also forget about foggy headlights in the rain, or at night. The engine is also part of the car detailing process. If you’re wondering why, well, detailers make sure that this important part of your vehicle is free of any corrosion, grease and dirt. Generally, paint correction and car detailing are some great investments you should consider. If you care about your vehicle, your safety, and your health, 5 Star Valeting Solutions can take care of the rest. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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