Paint Correction and Car Detailing Cheltenham

We provide a supercar detailing Cheltenham and paint correction in Gloucestershire. If you’re trying to sell your vehicle, or you just want it to be in a perfect condition, you need to consider the services of a paint correction and car detailing company. The first impression your car makes is the most important. So, if you see spider web-like marks in your paint, when you look your car on a sunny day, this means that your car has the common defect of “spider webbing”. While it is not such a serious problem, it really annoys human’s eye. Here’s the time when you need to book an appointment for paint correction. Let’s talk a little bit more about the importance of these services.

Basically, paint correction is the process of restoring car’s paint back to its initial glory, by eliminating any visible imperfections. Such defects are: fine scratches, water spots, spider-webbing, hologramming caused by inexperienced car detailers, swirl marks, bird droppings, etc.

If you trust your vehicle to an inexperienced detailer, most likely, they just fill fine scratches, hiding the imperfections. They don’t remove them from the vehicle. After a week or two, those imperfections will appear again. Your only solution to get rid of these damages is paint correction.

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Toyota, or the brand new Lamborghini. The first thing people notice is the paint of your vehicle. And if some of the imperfections, mentioned above, are familiar to you, too bad. Thankfully, there are experienced paint correctors, like 5 Star Valeting Solutions, that can help you return your beloved vehicle’s original shine.

If you don’t need that much – you can check our cheaper Valeting PackagesMobile Full Valet.

Paint Correction Cheltenham

Paint correction Cheltenham is exactly what you hear, correcting your vehicle’s body paint.

What Paint correction Cheltenham includes:

Thorough washing and clay bar- The first thing every professional paint corrector will do is to deeply wash your vehicle. This step ensures that the surfaces of your vehicle are free of any contaminants, following a proper drying. After that, a clay bar is used in order to eliminate all obstinate pollutants that cannot be seen with a naked eye.

Wet Sanding – This step is important if the imperfections on your vehicle are too severe to be removed only by buffing and polishing. This process uses numerous series of special automotive sandpaper, which has the power to remove the clear top of paint.

Buffing/Machine Polishing – When the wet sanding process is over, it’s time for some buffing and polishing. This process also depends on the severity of the damages on your paint. Most likely, several stages of polishing are needed to correct the paint perfectly and bring its glory back.

Waxing/Sealing – After the process of paint correction is done, it is important to protect the vehicle from further scratches. This is achieved by using wax sealants. They add a protective layer to your car’s paint.

Car Detailing Swindon

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Check and compare our detailing packages to choose the right one for you car. It start from one stage machine polish + protection up to three stages polish plus 3 layers of paint sealant or ceramic coating.

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Interior Detailing Cheltenham

After you took care of your car’s outward appearance, it’s time to take care of the interior too. For the purpose, you need Interior car detailing Cheltenham. Interior detailing is a long process. The reason is that professional car detailers Cheltenham clean every single corner of your vehicle and it takes a lot of time. You’ve probably heard the saying “Beauty comes from within”, which is so true. You don’t want your dirty air conditioner to spread infections, as well as your dirty gear box and steering. Dead rodents, one month old French fries, and your pet’s hair can lead to bad odor. The dirty windows and glasses can be a danger for you on the road. For all of this, and much more, our experts take care of. Usually, an interior detailing includes: carpet vacuum cleaning, roof dry cleaning, interior window cleaning, odor correction, seats dry cleaning, dash board cleaning and polishing, doors cleaning and shine, door jamb and trunk cleaning.

A vehicle that has been regularly detailed has much more value than one that hasn’t. Regularly detailed vehicle definitely appears more valuable to a potential buyer. It also speaks a lot about its owner. If your car is dirty and not maintained properly, it would probably make people think that its owner is also grubby and sloppy. But one shiny, clean vehicle would make people think that its owner is also dapper and trim.

Car Detailing Cheltenham

When it comes to car detailing Cheltenham, many people mistake it with car washing. Maybe the only thing they have in common is the word “cleaning”. But car detailing means a thorough valeting of your vehicle, both inside and out. Detailing Cheltenham your car at least twice a year has many benefits. It is a process, performed only by professional car detailers, because it requires special materials, Ceramic Coating Application, products, techniques, and many other things your local car wash doesn’t possess. Also the interior of your vehicle is very important, because it is the place in your car where you spend most of your time.Usually, most people like taking their vehicles for a quick car wash. Previously, we talked about paint correction and what causes the imperfections on the paint. And yes, your local car wash is one of the main perpetrators for the swirl marks and scratches, due to the use of hard hands, low quality cloth, hard brushes, etc.


Car Detailing Cheltenham

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Paint correction and Detailing Swindon is exactly what you hear, correcting your vehicle’s body paint. The paint correction process requires special machines and polishing agents in order to remove the build up dirt, dust, and other contaminants on your car’s surface.

You’re probably used to a quick wash and then polishing. But car detailing does so much more. It’s another step by step process where our experts cover every surface of your car’s outward appearance. Usually, the exterior detailing includes: glass and windshield cleaning, shampoo wash, wheel detailing, full-service hand car wash, light scratch removal, tire and bumper shining, outer body cutting and polishing, engine cleaning.

After a full car detail, your car will be as brand new again, and it will require regular smaller details. It will be a healthier, cozier, and safer place. It will enhance its lifespan, protect its paint, and increase its resale value. It’s an important investment everyone should consider making. If you miss your car’s original showroom condition, book an appointment for paint correction and car detailing today.

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