Paint Correction and Car Detailing Oxford

Car Detailing Oxford

We provide a supercar detailing Oxford and paint correction in Oxfordshire. Have you ever wondered when was the last time you’ve seen your vehicle in a showroom condition? Probably the day you bought it. Do you miss its perfect shine and sparkle? Are you tired of seeing the light scratches, swirl marks, and dirt on your car? You’ve probably experienced different car wash services but none of them with a long-lasting effect. Don’t worry! We are here for you! 5 Star Valeting Solutions offers services like paint correction and car detailing, which have the power to reimburse your vehicle’s original condition. Let’s explain how it works.

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Paint Correction Oxford

Paint correction Oxford is exactly what you hear, correcting your vehicle’s body paint.

If you want to take your car to the next level, and get rid of its dull and lifeless look, then paint correction is just what you need. We can’t call it a necessity; it’s more of a luxury. It’s something only people who really care about their vehicles would prefer. There aren’t many experienced pain correctors. It’s a specific process that requires a lot of experience, special tools and products, and certain techniques. Not everyone can do it. And if you choose a non-specialized paint corrector, you may cause even more damages on your vehicle. That’s why you must be very careful in your decision.

Imperfections such as, swirl marks, light scratches, buffer trails, road grime, tree sap, deep scratches, bird droppings, fly squash, auto car washes, water-spots, etc., can be removed with paint correcting. Inexperienced paint correctors frequently cause damages, such as buffer trails, when they use aggressive pad or compound with inappropriate technique.  They also use glaze, which contains fillers, which they use to apply over the top finish, filling in the fine scratches. The problem is that these products don’t remove the imperfections. After a week or two, these glazes begin to wear off, and all the imperfections that weren’t removed in the first place, appear.

Car Detailing Oxford

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Check and compare our detailing packages to choose the right one for you car. It start from one stage machine polish + protection up to three stages polish plus 3 layers of paint sealant or ceramic coating.

Car Deteilers Oxford

Paint Enhancement Oxford

Paint correction Oxford is more of personal preference.  you hire a professional paint corrector, you’ll see the difference. The paint correction process involves either hand or machine applications of different grades of cleanser, polish, or compound. In order to get the best level of correction, rotary machine polishers are used. The first step in the paint correction process is a decent wash, followed by clay bar. The vehicle’s paint also contains pores, like human’s skin. With time, dirt and debris accumulate in these pores, which give your vehicle a dull look. These small particles are being removed with the mentioned above – clay bar. This process is repeated over each and every panel of the car.

There are some blemishes that cannot be removed by the standard paint correction process. Damages like finger-nail deep scratches can be removed by wet sanding. This process requires the use of automotive sandpaper, which has the power to remove the top layer of clear-coat. Once this process is complete, several stages of polishing, compounding, and jewelling are needed in order to get the car’s surface free of imperfections.

Car Detailing Oxford

When it comes to car detailing Oxford, many people mistake it with car washing. Maybe the only thing they have in common is the word “cleaning”. But car detailing means a thorough valeting of your vehicle, both inside and out. Detailing your car at least twice a year has many benefits. It is a process, performed only by professional car detailers because it requires special materials, Ceramic Coating applications, products, techniques, and many other things your local car wash doesn’t possess.

The next step is the polishing and final jewelling stages. To achieve a full correction, depending on the severity of imperfections, numerous stages of polishing are required. 5 Star Valeting Solutions’ experts use the right combination of techniques, products, and knowledge. We are proud with delivering high-quality services to our customers. The final step is applying a layer of protection over the clear-coat. This step ensures that your vehicle is protected from UV damages, and other variables.

The Benefits of Car Detailing Oxford

Just like paint correction, car detailing also requires deep technical expertise, as well as special equipment, products, etc. Car detailing refers to services that actively work to extend your car’s overall quality and lifespan. The constant change of weather conditions and the regular use of your car, can really affect its condition and appearance. Car detailing helps to rejuvenate your car’s appearance. And if you invest in this type of service regularly, it would help maintain the initial showroom condition your vehicle had in the first place.

Car Detailing Swindon

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Paint correction and Detailing Swindon is exactly what you hear, correcting your vehicle’s body paint. The paint correction process requires special machines and polishing agents in order to remove the build up dirt, dust, and other contaminants on your car’s surface.

There are 4 very important benefits for your vehicle if you use the services of car detailing:

  • Preserves the Paint Condition – It is very possible that your vehicle’s exterior paint is affected by dust, dirt, and debris from the road. Professional car detailers will apply a generous coat of wax to your car’s paint. Before that, your vehicle will go through a thorough cleaning process. The wax will restore your vehicle’s shine, and also protect it.
  • Restore the Interior’s Comfort – Car detailers will make your interior completely fresh and clean. There won’t be an inch in your car, they’ll skip. They’ll remove and clean embedded pet hair, water stains, cola spills, dashboard, carpets, mats, windows, etc.
  • Bring Back the Value of Your Car – If you’re thinking about selling your vehicle, car detailing can rapidly increase the value of your vehicle. If your car is in perfect shape, it will be more appealing to potential buyers.
  • It Will Make It Safer – If your windows are perfectly clean, this will definitely enhance your vision. And if your tires are maintained, this will improve the road holding.

So, after all the things we mentioned, you must be thinking about booking an appointment. There are so many benefits for you and your vehicle if you use the services of a professional paint correction and car detailing company. You’ll know that your vehicle is safe, healthy, and in perfect condition. This will definitely make you feel as a proud owner.  

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