Car & Van Stickers Removal: Vinyl and full wrap. De-sticker branded vehicles.

We’ve all been there – that sticker on the rear bumper or window that looked amazing a year ago but now looks worn out. In another scenario, you might have just gotten your new car (new to you) and there are car stickers or full wrap you don’t like. Whatever the reason maybe, you should know that you can’t just rip those stickers off. So, what’s the solution? How can you remove those stickers from your car and vans without damage? The answer is you don’t; we do!

5 Star Valeting Solutions can handle your stubborn sticker removal for you.

Regain Your Vehicle’s Pristine Look

Stickers, badges, and decals often carry a sense of identity for your vehicle, but there comes a time when you wish for a more refined and sleek look or simply wish to upgrade your vehicle’s branding. At 5 Star Valeting Solutions, we’re dedicated to restoring the original beauty of your vehicle.

  • Van Lettering and Signwriting Removal

  • Car Stickers Removal

  • Full Vehicle Wraps Removal

  • Small Decals Removal

  • Branding Removal for Commercial Vehicles

  • Car Lettering and Signwriting Removal

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    Our Service Process

    We only provide top-notch services and service processes to ensure your vehicles are in good hands.

    1. Inspection of the stickers Before beginning, our team will inspect your vehicle to determine the best removal method.
    2. Gentle Heating We soften the adhesive of the stickers/badges using safe heating methods.
    3. Precision Removal Our experts meticulously remove stickers, ensuring there’s no residue or damage.
    4. Polishing Post removal, the area is polished to bring back its original shine.
    5. Final Inspection We do a thorough check to ensure your vehicle looks impeccable.
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    Why Choose Our vehicle Sticker Removal Service?

    With 5 Star Valeting Solutions, you’re always in good hands, because:

    • Top-notch Equipment: We’re the most advanced valet solution provider in the whole UK because we use advanced equipment for all our processes.
    • Time-saving: Instead of spending hours trying to peel off stickers and possibly damaging your vehicle, trust the pros to handle it swiftly and efficiently.
    • Personalised Service: Whether you have a vintage car or a modern van, we customise our de-sticking and de-badging process to cater to your vehicle’s specific needs.


    How long will the process take?

    The duration largely depends on the number and size of stickers/badges. Typically, the process takes anywhere from 1-3 hours.

    What if I only want specific stickers or badges removed?

    No problem at all! Just let us know which ones you’d like to keep, and we’ll carefully work around them, ensuring only the designated stickers or badges are removed.

    How do I care for the freshly cleaned area?

    After the removal process, it’s advisable to keep the area clean and avoid direct exposure to harsh sunlight for a day or two. This ensures the freshly polished surface remains in top condition.


    5 Star Valeting Solutions for top-notch Sticker Removal

    Brilliance Redefined, Perfection Delivered: 5 Star Valeting Solutions.

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